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Hardwood flooring Bellevue

Choosing a floor for your Kitchen Remodel Bellevue or home is one of the most critical decisions for homeowners if we’re talking about renovation or installation. There are many floor options to choose from, like carpets, vinyl, terrazzo, and the list goes on. But one type of floor stands out, and it’s the hardwood floor. As you may know, not all hardwood floors are the same, and choosing a product simply doesn’t correspond to the color of choice. There’s a lot to think about when focusing on aesthetic value. To think about the options available, Hardwood flooring Bellevue has some insights into hardwood floor installations.

Kitchen Remodel Bellevue WA

Choosing Hardwood Flooring

    • Solid or engineered flooring.
      Before, traditional hardwood flooring was available in thick planks of timber. But now, solid hardwood is still sought after, and some companies provide engineered flooring planks with the thinner top layer of hardwood, which is joined together to stop the shifting during the contraction cycle and expansion. With engineered flooring, you’re trying to prevent the movement of the organic wood. Apartments or basements with a concrete subfloor, there is an advantage of installation when it comes to engineered flooring. Engineered Flooring Bellevue can adhere directly to concrete, as proven by wood flooring Bellevue.

    • Prefinished or site finished.
      Hardwood floors come in a natural face that can be completed by a professional when the installation is done. It can also arrive in a prefinished state with the stain and topcoat already available. Wood flooring Bellevue WA will tell customers that the good thing about prefinished wood is customers would have the expected outcome in selecting the type of wood. However, when it comes to site finish, a professional touch would be needed.

    • The type of finish.
      Hardwood flooring Bellevue would like to mention specific finishes that can make your wood floor look organic. But there are two common wood finishes available. It can either be oil or polyurethane. Oil seeps through wood and would have a natural and fresh appearance. However, it’s not stain-proof and can’t withstand heavy damage. Oil finishes are easily scratched but, at the same time, less noticeable, and the scratches can be easily fixed. On the other hand, polyurethane is more durable and can withstand damage; when the polyurethane floor has sustained enough damage, the entire floor section has to be recoated and get a buff finish. As with every type of finish, maintenance is always the key to a long-lasting floor.

    • Types of wood.
      Each type of wood offers a fantastic aesthetic design. In North America, oak is the optimal choice due to its durability and natural grain. Walnut is also a good choice because it appeals to a room with a darker finish. But of course, the option is entirely up to the customer.

    • Choosing the wood grain.
      When it comes to grain patterns, it can be very confusing at times. Some will exhaust their time in choosing the right one. It doesn’t matter what the grain pattern would be as long as it matches the customer’s theme. Hardwood flooring Bellevue is always available to help homeowners choose the best grain pattern for the desired look.

Kitchen Remodel Bellevue WA

Installing the floor

First and foremost, there has to be a complete set of tools to install the wood flooring properly. Next would be determining the installation. Some wood can be stapled or nailed onto the floor, while others require adhesives. Remember to ask Hardwood flooring Bellevue for installation methods. This is the most important thing to remember, it’s never a good idea to install them right away. They need to get used to the environment. This will allow the moisture of the wood to be acclimated to the room condition. It’s worth mentioning that engineered floors can be installed right away. From the room preparations until the finishing touches, the entire kitchen would look spectacular.

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